The Mind Of A Locksmith

There are many folks out there with unique gifts, but one in particular that comes to mind. He is a good friend of mine named Damon. While he isn’t the type to boast about his many gifts, he makes an honest effort to do his best at his job.

Damon is a locksmith in locksmith lakewood wa, but he is not the first. His father was a well seasoned locksmith before him. That is only one of his many talents, though. He is well versed in technical manuals and tinkering. The man can watch you take apart a cell phone once, and put it together again with ease. His mind is mechanical, and he someday wants to put that to good use with inventing. While some of his ideas may be far over the mind of the average man, the point is that he has positive aspirations. He wants to help the world, even if it’s just on a small scale: his community.

In the past, Damon’s father did projects aimed to help those that were in low income families. He never had a problem doing jobs for free, as long as the recipient kept that to themselves. While he didn’t mind helping others, he also didn’t want his good nature to be exploited by those who could afford his services. It’s not hard to see where Damon developed his shrewd sense of business ethics.

In the end, Damon followed in his father’s footsteps. While most are not welcoming of repeating their parents’ trade, he was. There was something that lit up inside him when he’d watch while the two were in the shop together. It was far more than just a bonding experience, it was magic. The burning desire to learn everything he could never eluded Damon. He went to the library often, and would bring books back to the shop on his way back. They ranged from the history of locksmithing to technical manuals on various items. His father never hid that he was equally surprised, and proud, of his talents. It was that very love and pride which helped Damon to grow into the locksmith he was destined to be from the start. It doesn’t matter how complicated a locksmith’s thought process seems to the outside world. What matters is that they are using their superpower to help us. We need more people like Damon and his father in the world, locksmith or not.